Plastikspoon is a indie/jazz song about the Carbon molecules that are everywhere on planet earth (from a plastic spoon to a human cell). It sounds like Bonobo 1st albums but with a blend of balkan influences and a bit of dust in it.

This song tells about how life (in all its aspects) is characterized by Carbon molecules: from plastic spoons to animal bodies.

Isaac de Martin - guitars, Fender Rhodes
Karla Hajman - vocals
Nicola Barbon - doublebass
Niklas Ahlsved - drums


once a leaf I slipped and fell inside
an ancient grave and sunk
and sunk and sunk so deep
and turned myself into something I
have never ever dreamed
no I have never dreamed

And all those stories of all that carbon
all those stories that we've been part of
all those stories of all that carbon
safely guarded in the silicon

I dreamed in my silicon home
'till you came and dug
and dug and dug so deep
and took me out and I saw the sun again
all that sun again, all that sun

So you made me immortal
through your own curiosity
so I’ll live on when you'll be long gone
and yet we are both
made of carbon...